Become a Dream-Maker

A Dream Maker makes the Impossible Possible for one or more of the following unique, deserving individuals.

  • Each candidate has made tangible contributions to their communities utilizing their talents and is a role model.
  • Each desires and has committed to challenging their personal perceived limitations and is dreaming of an Inclusive, Bucket-List cruising experience aboard "Possibilities".
  • Each requests your financial assistance. $4500 helps cover costs for 1 week of cruising for the participant and a caregiver including airfair, food, drinks, fuel, excursions, and volunteer crew.

Should you desire, you may also participate coming aboard. Compare to typical $2000 / day charter costs

As a Dream-Maker you will receive private access to a photo and video album of the specific member's dream experience you made real.

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Sponsor a Decompression Week

for 6 Wounded Warriors or First Responders


Katherine Magnoli, Spina Bifida

Requires Dialysis Onboard. Published Writer of Children's KatGirl Books. Speaks in Schools on Bullying. Ms Wheelchair Florida 2017.

Juan Garcia, Quadraplegic

Tried to Pursue a USCG Captain's Licence 20+ Years Ago but was told to forget it - was impossible!

Not Anymore - Take the helm Juan

Juan helps other disabled and elderly to get wheelchair accessible transportation in S. Florida.

Steve Colquitt

TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury.

Lost use of 1 Eye from 60+ Years struggling with Diabetes. Dreams of Watching Sunrises and Sunsets before losing his other eye he's already had to have multiple surgeries to suture the retina and replace to fluid with artificial fluid in the eye.

Steve is building awareness around the ADA Protected but ignored need for Inclusive Evacuation plans from all multi-story buildings

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We Believe In the Power of Inspiration and the Strength of the Human Spirit

Strong communities are created by valuing the talents of all members and encouraging all members to contribute those talents to the best of their abilities. But why would anyone try to achieve an education or contribute their talents through employment if they believe their only prospect is to sit in front of a television trapped in their own home frequently unable to change the channel or even answer the telephone?

We believe in the power of will, in discovery, and adventure. "I there's a will, there's a way!"

We provide a concrete, un-refutable example, if someone with significant disabilities can live on a boat and circumnavigate the eastern continental United States and Canada why can they not live in their own home in the community. On deeper and broader level we are working to expand public awareness to the social, community, and fiscal benefits of home care as an alternative to nursing home institutionalization!