Join Our Crew for a Day!

We provide opportunities for Cruising portions of America's Great Loop to mobility impaired, disabled, elderly, and terminally ill wheelchair users to whom this type of adventure would otherwise seem out of reach or impossible. Candidates include the alarmingly growing number of Veterans diagnosed with ALS, Quadriplegics and Paraplegics from Spinal Cord Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Parkinson's, etc.

Come Aboard

Ricon Commercial Hydrolic Wheelchair Lift on the Starboard helm door provides safe, step-free access from floating or fixed docks from 6 inches to 4.5 feet above the water.

Custom 36" wide Transom Roll-A-Ramp provides safe, flat, level access to floating docks, or our wheelchair dinghy and many pontoon boats with a slight incline.

You will be able to

Take the Helm as Skipper in Command - even head control only

Learn Radio Communication - switch Adapted Independence

Learn Navigation by Vector and Raster Charts with GPS at our wheelchair friendly Navigation Station with Accessible Controls

Land a fish with the wink of an eye or twitch of a finger using our Adapted Powered Fishing Reels

Explore nature by Kayak - featuring custom solid wheelchair seat backrest & cushion with Limited Dexterity Paddle Holder

Discover hard-to-reach locations on our unique EZ-Dock Power Wheelchair Dingy with Roll-A-Ramp access to boat launches and most Dingy Docks - or just for fun!

Interact with the underwater world floating on the surface-down with a Brownie Hookah full face mask to breath freely

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom, Shower, Galley, even ceiling lift for transfers / dressing

Coming Soon - Challenges solved - Sponsors needed

Kayak Hands-free with Joystick or Sip-n-Puff Electric Power

Drive an Electric Wheelchair Motorcycle

Cruise from the flybridge, and safely access ALL fixed dock heights, and securely board dinghy, swim, snorkel or Hooka with a transom swim platform elevator