What We Need


05/13/19 to 06/05/19 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Need to find a "Home Base" for this fall and winter 11/19 to 06/20 where disabled people can come and go from to kick off 1 month Southern Florida Smugglers Run Bucket List cruises. Would typically be on dock 5 nights towards beginning or end of month.

West Palm Beach, FL - 1 night

St. Augustine, FL - 2-3 nights

Jacksonville, FL - 1-2 nights

Savannah, Georgia - 2-3 nights

Georgia Suggested Stops?

South Carolina Suggested Stops?

Emerald Isle, NC - 2 nights

Washington DC - 2 weeks

New York, NY - 3-5 nights

"Possibilities" is a 62' x 18' wide x 4' draft x 28' Air Draft

Motor Yacht modified to be wheelchair friendly.

- Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift on Starboard Helm Door handles Floating Docks or Fixed up to 4.5' above water at low tide
- Wheelchair Ramp on Transom - flat level entrance from Floating Dock Slip when backed in aft first

I am requesting your support to please as a Sponsor to stay at your marina without dock fees 5/13/19 to 6/5/19. Our volunteer and disabled crew will frequent your restaurant, purchase fuel, electricity, and likely other services.

Sponsorship - Why Help Us

Inclusive Adventures is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit serving the most physically limited individuals - power wheelchair bound with little or no hand or arm function - and of course everyone less both children and elderly. Special focus on veteran Wounded Warriors we've empowered the past 15 years. Created by the Disabled for the Disabled

Our vessel "Possibilities" is a 62' x 18' wide x 4' feet draft Motor Yacht modified to be wheelchair friendly

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We have a hydraulic wheelchair lift on the Starboard Helm Door that reaches from 8” to 4.5’ above water level As well and as a transom ramp that folds out flat on a floating dock.


We also have a ramp off the transom that folds flat onto a floating dock 24” - 30” above water level when the vessel can be backed into a slip.




Send us a Fuel Card

Introduction to someone at one of the large fuel production brands that can facilitate sponsorship

Usage Statistics

America's Great Loop = 6000 miles

Smugglers Run Southern Florida Mini Loop = miles

Possibilities Burns 1 gallon per mile (cruising conservatively)

Possibilities Holds 580 gallons

We fill from diesel delivery trucks whenever possible at $2.70-$3.00 Per gallon

As a sponsor, of course we would promote your facilities. Please read this link about sponsorship


Mantus 150lb Anchor and Bowsprit

Mantus 110lb Anchor and Bowsprit

5-10 HP Electric, Diesel, or Gas Outboard Motor for Wheelchair Dinghy

Bow Thruster new or Used

New Raritan Elegance Marine Toilet

Bluesea 24 Circuit Traditional Metal DC Circuit Breaker Panel


Weld Aluminum Hardtop support Poles for 4 SunPower Solar Panels (already purchased)

Haulout and Installation of Bow Thruster

Installation of New Water Tank

Carpentry - 2-4 Fold-away Pine Bunk Frames