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Marine Sanitation

Marine Toilets

The Good, the Bad, and let's face it the downright Dirty and Ugly

Waste Water Treatment

Uses concentrated commercial disinfectant tablets which need to be periodically refilled

For fresh or seawater applications.

USCG certified Type 1

Marine sanitation device protects our lakes and rivers by neutralizing harmful waste.

Vessels up to 65 feet

Makes its own disinfectant using saltwater passed over lithium plates. Reliable since it doesn't require a human to refill tablets. In freshwater applications requires external tank to inject concentrated saltwater.

USCG Type 1 certified

Small, environmentally friendly treatment system.

Unit records each treatment cycle and stores key info in non-volatile memory that can be summarized on the LCD display or downloaded to PC.

Vessels up to 65 feet

Required on vessels over 65 feet.

Complete onboard biological waste treatment system for up to 12 persons per day. Treats sewage biologically using air, water, and natural occurring bacteria.