Port Ambassadors

What does a Port Ambassador do?

A port ambassador is a volunteer that helps to secure docking and coordinate events with local disability or elderly, or civic organizations to the benefit of their local community. Port Ambassadors are absolutely critical, the determining factor of the success of our visit and resulting impact in their local community. Port Ambassadors share and communicate our vision with enthusiasm to encourage and coordinate fundraising with or from local organizations to support our visit and local events. They invite and encourage local media to cover the visit and participate in and sponsor any local events. Many are members of a local organization, disability, civic, or religious group and have the support of others to assist them.

  • Must be present at time of our visit
  • Should be a well-connected member of the local community
  • Receive an honorary Membership to cruise with us from your port or another
  • Receive T-shirt, Hat, and other gear to help in your local promotional and educational efforts. Electronic access to marketing and promotional materials
  • Recognition for your efforts on the About Us Team page