Challenging assumptions stimulates change through innovation and public awareness.

An adventure is a task or exploit of great difficulty and peril that requires art and compromise to overcome danger and unknown risks, often in achieving a goal or destination.

We seek to get you to also challenge your assumptions of 'impossibility'

Big, very difficult, risky Exploits for anyone!

These feats are being accomplishing by persons confined to power wheelchairs who often need help with getting in/out of bed. We oppose the ridiculous assumption they must or should live in a nursing home.

Circumnavigate the Eastern Continental United States & Canada in a Power Wheelchair

Live on a boat for more than a year with 2 home care aides as crew

Pioneer a route for others to follow

Lightning rod for the injustices of current Medicaid Policies that restrict

Be 1st Quadriplegic to Circumnavigate the Earth in a Power Wheelchair

Mixed Ability Crew with Disabled Ambassadors joining the crew to sail from their nation to another.