Come Aboard

Our vessels are recreational only with mixed ability crews focused on inclusion. Bucket List Experiences for All!

EVERYONE can take the helm and learn to navigate / plan routes - even the most physically limited with head movement only!

Each participant is expected to contribute their talents to the best of their abilities.

Very limited space is available = Sign up on the Wait list to be contacted.

There is no fee to come aboard, but we request you contribute to your share of costs to the best of your abilities. Possibly by helping fund raise to cover Marinas, Fuel, Insurance, Gear, Maintenance.

Making the impossible possible costs approximately $2,000 / person / week

Patreon Club = Participate in patron-only live-chats and Vicarious Live Streaming Events. Plus join us for a day cruise when in your area

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FREE or Patron Support

Come Aboard FREE when we are in a Marina near you! Be inspired, learn what is possible, make plans to cruise with us. Discover adaptations, technologies, and design ideas for inclusive community living.


From near your home to our next port, typically 40-80 miles by water. Invite up to 2 friends, family, or caregivers to join you.

You must arrange transportation to the Marina we are at near you and someone to pick you up in the evening - usually less than 1 hour by car.


Key Largo, FL Fish & Snorkel

John Pennecamp State Park - 1/2 Day or Full Day

$300/$500 recommended donationSoon Book on AirBnB Experiences

Tranquil Adventures' stable, wheelchair accessible 28' Tri-pontoon with custom lift to lower a disabled person into the water.

Local guide, Captain Mick Nealey, himself disabled from polio.

Add a 2nd Day swimming at the beach with Glass Bottom Boat Tour and Kayak Rentals

1 Day

Off-Grid on Anchor Adventure

St. Augustine, FL - July to Nov. or Key Largo, FL - Dec to May

Budget $200-$500 / night

Wheelchair Accessible Tender, the Municipal Marina's Tender Service, or the WAXI Water Taxi

Scheduling Now! ... West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Key Largo, Bahia Honda, Key West Snake River Rural Everglades Anchorage, Everglades City, Fort Myers Beach, Cayo Costa, Fort Myers, LaBelle, Moore Haven, Lake Okeechobee, Indiantown, to Stuart.

November to May Annually

1 Week to Key West
2 weeks to 1 month for full loop

1 Week Cruising. Request to Participate

Max 6/week. Wait list. As Funding Allows

FREE to any NATO Veterans or First Responders (Police, Firefighters) injured in the line of duty

Being on the water has a significantly therapeutic, calming and soothing effect.

1 Week

America's Great Loop

6000+ mile Adventure of a Lifetime!

Decide where to stop, when, and for how long.

1 year, 2 couples + Captain

Est. $50k - $80k /cabin

or Lease, Insure, and Learn to Captain yourself - Sleeps 8-10, max 3 couples recommended.

1 Year

Great Lakes / Erie Canal

Special Adventures

Inquire NOW!

Tentative Opportunity for 2!

Lake Michigan - Chicago to Canada - 1 Month Summer '21

Canadian Heritage Canals to Toronto - 2 Week Late Summer '21

Hudson River to New York - 1 Week Fall '21

East Coast, NY to Key West - Fall/Winter '21

Live & Cruise Onboard while sharing your talents to make the impossible possible

Captain / Engineer

Caregiver / Steward / Deckhand

Tradesman - Carpenter, Diesel Mechanic, Electrician for project - 1-2 weeks

Make it Happen in your Hometown!

Crew Expectations of Conduct Agreement

All crew members must be

  • Vetted by our director and captain

  • 18 years of age to participate independently (exceptions permitted)

  • In an emergency, you must be able to float while wearing a life jacket. This may limit participation by individuals on a ventilator to only being onboard when in port (with exceptions).

  • Be willing to take orders without argument given by the Captain, First Mate, or Directors and execute to the best of your ability, and explain if unable

  • Participate in safety drills and help others to the best of your ability in any emergency

  • Perform assigned tasks with a positive, can-do attitude

  • Communicate appropriately, and treat all with dignity and courtesy.

  • Be positive, willing to learn, and help to the best of your abilities

  • Be responsible for own actions and behavior

  • Romantic relationships are strongly discouraged with other crew members

  • Assist with meal preparation and cleanup. Ability to cook is not required, but you must be willing to try, learn, and help

  • Assist with keeping the vessel neat, clean, and tidy. Everything must be put back in its place.

  • Ask when not sure about how something works or if any procedure is unclear

  • Never be under the influence of alcohol or any drug or substance during vessel operations or activities, nor to be a safety hazard to yourself or others, or negatively represent our image.

  • Crew consumption of alcohol, any non-prescription drug, or any substance on-board is prohibited. Any crew unable to drive legally, will not be allowed aboard until sober.

  • Must be willing to making a difference and have positive impact by sharing your experiences, how you grew, or how your perspectives were impacted.

Participation Requirements

  • Must sign crew agreement and participation waiver.

  • Must complete information, medical, and emergency contacts form.

  • Must have medical / health insurance for the duration of participation.

  • Must submit personal information for a background check if requested.

  • Must have transportation to and from the vessel at the start and end of participation.

  • Share all of the photos and videos you take during the experience to use for storytelling, promotion and other mission-related purposes.

  • Participate in a final crew photo and group video interview recalling highlights of your experience that will be shared with all crew members and donors or sponsors.

  • Complete a post-participation survey within 1 month while the experience is fresh in your mind to help us improve. We are happy to sign any participation or community service forms.

I agreed to abide by these expectations of conduct and understand that all of my actions, attitude, temperament represent Inclusive Adventures both on the water and onshore. I may be reminded to 3 times, though is it in no way required, after which I may be asked to leave the crew and vessel at my own expense.