Super Snorkel & Hookah Diving

Hookah Diving refers to any system that uses a hose to provide air from a surface source. Sources can be a Scuba Tank, Oil-less Air Compressor with volumes over 3 CFM, even a manual pump. Hookah systems are perfect for inclusive adaptive snorkeling floating face-down in the water, as it eliminates the need to clear the snorkel, improves comfort and safety for all. Hookah is popular for cleaning and inspecting boat hulls, props, & rudders, or even making emergency repairs underwater. Diving up to 10' deep does not require PADI certification since in an emergency, you can surface immediately while exhaling. Hookah Diving with a trained Adaptive Scuba instructor could be a great way to try or practice diving before making the personal and organizational time and expense commitment to learn to safely dive deeper.

Every participant and crew member must complete this training before utilizing our onboard NEMO personal Hookah

Other Hookah Diving Solutions