Land Transportation

Accessible Electric Vehicles

3 Models Available to Order!

Drive from your wheelchair! Platforms you roll or walk onto. Take your chair with you!

eChariot Micro-Van


30 mph - 30 mile Range

eChariot Trike


22 mph - 60 mile Range

20 year Lifepo4 Batteries (100 days / yr use)

eChariot Quad


25 mph - 60 mile Range

eChariot Wheelchair Motorcycle

Future - Conceptual Design = 75 mph, 150 mile range

  1. Complete minimal-cost Proof-of-Concept Prototype (probably steel frame for quick low cost simplicity & reworkability) to build enthusiasm through Live Videos

  2. Create & Facilitate competition amongst University Mechanical Engineering & Electrical Engineering Programs to refine the Prototype into an aluminum frame with finite and dynamic analysis and Electrical Engineering enhanced/optimized both high and economical performance.

  3. Model C: Manufacture 10-50 High-Performance $20K-30K Motorcycle using salvaged Tesla-Model S Batteries based on preorders for Recreational Market in the United States, Canada, Australia, & Europe targeting 75 mph with 150 mile range

  4. Model G: Partner with Manufacturer capable of larger Production run of 200-500 units for Baby-Boomers in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii - targeting 85 mph with 150-250 mile or infinite range with compact diesel DC generator

  5. Model E: Previous 2 stages fund Design and Prototyping of a low cost Economical model to empower mobility-impaired in the developing world to help themselves, by eliminating #1 most limiting factor: access to local transportation to get around their community and pursue employment or entrepreneurial activities and being able to advocate for themselves and larger local disability community. Designed for ease of manufacturing with minimal tooling and easily available local materials using smaller 24V lower speed motors and 2-4 12V lead acid batteries - targeting 30 mph with 30 mile range

The world is what we make it.

It may not seem this way, but this project more than any other is about Realistic, Observable, Global Impact!

The eChariot Motorcycle would have the largest impact we can directly effect, empowering mobility impaired wheelchair users around the world to help themselves and their families.

Throughout the developing world in Southeast Asia and Latin America including India, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, motor scooters are the most common and most economical transportation utilized for a daily commute to work.

Unfortunately the LifeTrike is no longer produced or available.