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Alliance member - Strong communities are created by valuing every member's talents; and ENCOURAGING every member to contribute those talents to the best of their abilities.

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Adventures are about the Journey, not the Destination.

We provide life-changing inclusive experiences for the disabled that stimulate a fundamental shift in perspective from programmed, vulnerable dependency to a perspective of capability, confidence, possibility, and self-determination.

Participants develop confidence in their capabilities, and a perspective of possibility.

Why would anyone try to achieve an education or contribute their talents through employment if they believe their only prospect is to sit in front of a television trapped in a nursing home or even their own home, often unable to change the channel or even answer the telephone?

We believe in the power of will, discovery, and most importantly - perspective. "If there's a will, there's a way!"

Participants learn new skills through the catalyst of adventure.

Adventure offers us a freedom only achieved through overcoming challenges, perceived limitations, and our fears. The journey itself contributes to every individual's personal development. This newfound freedom, powerfully shifts perspective to possibility - literally and measurably changing participant's lives, their roll in family and community.

We Believe In the Power of Inspiration and the Strength of the Human Spirit

We provide a concrete, un-refutable example, if someone with significant disabilities can live on a boat and circumnavigate the eastern continental United States and Canada why can they not live in their own home in the community. On deeper and broader level we are working to expand public awareness to the social, community, and fiscal benefits of home care as an alternative to nursing home institutionalization!

Inclusive Adventures is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

Created by the Disabled for the Disabled ... by the Uniquely Able for the Differently Able.

We serve those to whom adventure is perceived to be the most distant, near impossibility - significantly mobility impaired wheelchair users. We give wings and blow wind into the sails of those who have lost their legs and arms including:

Wounded Warriors, Spinal Cord Injuries (Paralisis), ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Young-At-Heart, and At-Risk Youth.

We believe in the power of will, in discovery, and adventure. "I there's a will, there's a way!"

Strong communities are created by valuing every member's talents; and ENCOURAGING every member to contribute those talents to the best of their abilities

History of Impact

"Anything seems impossible, until its been done." - Mark Felling

Since 2005 have directly impacted the lives of 25,000+ of the most physically limited mobility impaired persons, their families, and communities - including 1000's of Veterans returning from Iraq & Afghanistan.

By empowering these individuals, through them, we have definitively and unequivocally changed the world. Here are just a few examples:

  • Made it possible for 10,000+ highly disabled travelers to fly commercially
  • Everyone unable to climb stairs is safer when visiting US Capital and White House in case of evacuation
  • Supported project that led to Indian Department of Tourism making many major tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal wheelchair accessible
  • Empowered communications for self advocacy. First 100% Voice Control System Integrated on Power Wheelchairs
  • Robotic Glove made it possible for those with completely paralyzed hands to pick up and hold things
  • Adaptive Video Gaming has become a sub-industry based on controller designs we introduced in 2008 , Now frequently copied including by Microsoft that empowered the most limited to play any game online anonymously as an equal using only their head and mouth and WIN!
  • 20+ other solutions or designs that have demonstrated drastically reduced cost, greater simplicity, and simply made the seemingly impossible possible.

Inclusive Adventures is the next step. Something bigger and far more bold. Ignorance has always been the greatest impediment to significantly greater impact. Inclusive Adventures overcomes by educating therapists and other professionals at many of the most influential institutions in a way that stimulates the imagination of what is possible.

Will you help us leverage the past by investing in our ability to deliver greater impact in the future? Please give us the opportunity to elaborate with stories of the past and a vision for what is to come.

Crew Aboard Possibilities

Apply to Join our Volunteer and contribute your talents to the best of your abilities.

Eric Diamond - Homecare, Assistant, Treasurer, Deckhand

Speech Impediment, Developmental Disability. Very social, friends everywhere, enthusiastic about being on the water and Boy Scouts

Volunteer Openings

Project Manager Marine Engineer - Joliet, IL

Electrician or Handiman - Joliet, IL

Aluminum Welder - Joliet, IL

Volunteer Stewardess & Deckhand

Mark E Felling - Volunteer Director, Captain, Pilot, Electrical Engineer (EE) Patented Inventor, Masters Business Administration (MBA)

Spinal Cord Injury - C5 Quadriplegic

Inducted into the Assistive Technology Hall of Fame for Designing Hundreds of Life-Changing devices for the most physically impaired

Past Crew & Volunteers - Thank you!

Captain Peter Puky

Captain Karen Wyatt

Bill Dennis

Deckhand, Homecare

Joseph Boone

Experienced a Spinal Cord Injury but was able to remove his own halo and walk away! Passionate about animals, felling trees, but not bureaucracy.

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Steve Colquitt

Steve Colquitt

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