After 2 Long Years, Possibilities+ is now part of Inclusive Adventures!

Possibilities+ will be able to anchor out and keep her mixed-ability crew in relative comfort and health while on the hook either to pursue adaptive super snorkel and adaptive scuba opportunities but also when appropriate dock space at a marina is simply not available and to keep resources aligned towards providing experiences rather than time on the dock.

To do this she will need a new 121 Pound Anchor, Anchor Chain Ground Tackle, and a more powerful Windless.

2017 Nov. - Acquisition process started but fell through numerous times

2018 Nov. - Capt. Peter spent 1 month rebuilding her engine room water intakes & fuel lines

2019 Sept - Dec. to help her shake off 6 years on the hard and put the waters of Lake Michigan under her keel once again! to modern standards Nov. 2018.

We learned a lot on Possibilities now can do much more, much better. Of course the much better is highly dependent on our supporters and sponsors!

We have already acquired 12 of the absolute best in the world, 435W American-made SunPower Solar Panels that will adorn Possibilities+ Flybridge to create a Solar Hardtop that also provides shade. This power will eventually be stored in the newest technology Lithium Iron Phosphate LifePo4 Battery System that has been planning and research the past year in anticipation of Possibilities+ joining Inclusive Adventures. We even acquired a onboard Aluminum Welding Equipment this past year, but could sure use the help of a skilled volunteer welder during the second half of August.

A disabled person with little or no hand function will be able to pursue and achieve a full Coast Guard Capt.'s license to operate Possibilities+ or other vessel with controls appropriate to their abilities.

She will need new Electronic Single-Lever Throttle and Transmission controls with Wireless controller from Dockmate, Yacht Controller, Astel, or if necessary will design our own to allow anyone with any disability to take the helm and Skipper the vessel.

Immediately on our crew's arrival in Chicago in the next two weeks, an older used commercial ADA bus lift will be mounted on her Starboard aft side with access doors cut and using that new welding equipment. Of course we would love a much nicer new lift made from aluminum or stainless steel for the saltwater environment and have a potential sponsor/partner very specifically in mind (wink wink)

That wheelchair bus lift and an old steel vertical platform lift have already been delivered on-site. The vertical platform lift could potentially and temporarily provide access to the lower sport fish and launching platform as well as the flybridge all the measurements work out, but it will need to be replaced as soon as possible with something more appropriate, safe, and durable from aluminum or stainless steel.

Normal carpentry, painting, tiling will need to be occurring inside to make her Head's, Berths, Galley, and Helms wheelchair friendly if you have these skills and are willing to volunteer.

Where is Possibilities+?

Map will automatically update when we have a 4G signal and are logged into the OnCourse App