Fly like a Bird

The AbleEagle Joystick Piloted Tandem Power Paraglider

Lost use of your legs? We want to give you Wings!

Happiness is all about perspective. Sometimes we all need to see OUR world from a new perspective.

A Wheelchair for the Sky, because we are all equally handicapped without wings and feathers.

If you can drive an electric power wheelchair with a joystick, you should be able to fly this aircraft!

Tandem so there is always a safety pilot behind you ready to take over if needed.

A Powered Parachute so that even if there is engine failure and everyone let's go over all of the controls, you just come floating down to the earth.

4 Wheels For Greater Stability on Takeoff and Landing

Designed by Uniquely Abled Pilots for Differently Abled Pilots

Requires $25,000 to build + RV


  1. Design and Build a Joystick Piloted Tandem Power Paraglider that can be broken down for portability
  2. Complete Refit of Possibilities or Possibilities+ with space for AbleEagle
  3. Find, acquire, design & modify an RV for Wheelchair accessibility while maximizing fuel efficiency, solar & wind power generation.
  4. Minimum Crew of 2 to 4 - 2 Caregivers who also drive wheelchair Accessible RV, assist with setup, maintenance, and photography
      • 1 Quadriplegic Power Wheelchair Pilot / Engineer


  • Events in Collaboration with local chapters of EAA, EAA Young Eagles, Flight Clubs, and airshows such as Airventure
  • Will visit Rehabilitation, VA Vetern's, & Disabled Children's Hospitals throughout North America by land with RV or by water on either of our vessels, Possibilities or Possibilities+
    • World-wide reach could be achieved on our planned Global Circumnavigation if there is space available
  • Guest Ride-Alongs in RV for media, enthusiasts, and wheelchair users

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