America's Great Loop

Power Wheelchair Friendly Motor Yacht for America's Great Loop

Longest Inland Waterway in the World - 6000+ miles!

Possibilities II' - a Wheelchair Friendly, Carribean-capable Live-aboard Motor Yacht - New to us Aug 2019!

Will be retrofit, modified, and improved over the next 6 months.

This 76' Aluminum Vessel was custom-built by the Darling brothers in Jeffersonville Indiana, across the Ohio river from where Possibilities I was crafted. She can handle both America's Great Loop as well as take you to Cuba, Dominican Republic, or anywhere else in the Caribbean.

She features 30 inch and 36 inch wheelchair friendly doors throughout, will be outfitted with 3 Wheelchair Lifts providing access to the lower Berth level, Salon Level, Flybridge, Aft Cockpit, with ability to safely get on and off the vessel on either the port or starboard side and any dock height from water level to 16 feet above the level. Additionally wheelchairs can roll on and off flat and level on our Electric Wheelchair Dinghy off the aft cockpit swim platform, or access docks from water level to 6 feet above the water if backed into a slip Stern first.

Sleeps 6-12 in 3-4 Berths with 2.5 Heads, With 2000 gallon deisel fuel capacity her efficient 300 hp Cummings Diesel Engines only have 800 hours, and run efficiently should provide 1500+ miles range with safe reserve. She has 2 generators, a Geothermal Heat Pump and a diesel boiler to keep her cozy in both warm and cold weather. We plan to outfit her with a LifePo4 Lithium-Solar DC Power System to Provide Greater off Grid Independence allowing more flexibility when anchoring out from locations that are not so wheelchair friendly.

'Possibilities' - a Wheelchair Friendly Live-Aboard Coastal Cruiser for America's Great Loop

Possibilities has already cruised 2000 miles of the 6000 miles of America's Great Loop having come down the Ohio River to the Cumberland River to the Tennessee River to the Tom BigaBee Canal to Mobile Bay, New Orleans, Across the Gulf and down Florida's west coast to Key West.

She can be skippered by head control or interfaced to your power wheelchair joystick or head array!

Sleeps 6-10, 2 Heads, Electric Wheelchair Dinghy, Starboard Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift and Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Gangplank on the Transom. Flybridge access has been designed but support is needed to implement.

When I first read about "America's Great Loop" in January 2017, I thought how neat that would be and that I would love to do it someday but then I remind myself, hold on your in a power wheelchair, and of how it would be nearly impossible for someone in a wheelchair. I mean realistically.... and I kept asking myself questions, challenges of what would actually be required to make it happen. This didn't happen overnight, it happened over 6-8 months but those questions eventually materialized into 7 major challenges that I would research until I found a solution to overcome each problem one by one and then decided the whole proposition might actually be possible!

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