Special Requests

Coulam 17' Wheelyboat

Unique dinghy for Possibilities+ with landing craft bow ramp door specifically designed for safe roll-on/roll-off wheelchair access.

We can get the hull at a significant discount through our partnership with the UK Wheelyboat Trust plus an outboard & shipping but need ~$23,000

  • Greatly expands capabilities for day trip adventures.
  • Will provide access to and from Possibilities+ on anchor (when Marinas cannot accommodate + save $20k annually).
  • Access up Rivers, canals, and into Everglades to fish, sightsee, & watch aligators and manatees, to Island Parks
  • Serve as a base for underwater adventures: Adaptive Scuba, our Diving Bell Helmet, & Super Snorkel with Hooka
  • Provides Safety, Evacuation, and Rescue Capabilities
  • 17.4' LOA, 6.5' beam. 72 sq ft cockpit space. Max 100hp/30mph+
  • Robust welded GRP construction
  • Drive-from-wheelchair helm or tiller outboard option
  • 8 people capacity RCD cat D waters, 6 people RCD Cat C waters

Homebase in Southern Florida

We need a home, will you share yours? Save on your Taxes!

  • Continue using your home as always but maybe your not using your dock?
  • Waterfront with 75' Dock, 5' Depth and Wheelchair Access or we can build ramps.
  • We will often be gone for 1 week to 1 month
  • Ideally space to Park a Wheelchair Accessible RV Nearby

Send us a Fuel Card

America's Great Loop = 6000 miles

Smugglers Run Southern Florida Mini Loop = miles

Possibilities+ & Possibilities burn 1 gallon diesel per mile (cruising conservatively) or $24,000/yr

Possibilities holds 580 gallons, Possibilities+ holds 1800 gallons

We fill from diesel delivery trucks whenever possible at $2.70-$3.00 per gallon

Marine Equipment

3-Stop 14' Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lift

Rockna 70kg Anchor or Mantus 150lb Anchor

New Windlass

Bowsprit for Anchor on Possibilities

5-10 HP Electric, Diesel, or Gas Outboard Motor for EZ-Dock Wheelchair Dinghy

30 kwh Lifepo4 Batteries

Marine Services


Weld Aluminum Hardtop support Poles for 4-8 SunPower Solar Panels (already purchased)

Haulout & Bottom Paint

Exterior Paint

Convert Bow/Stern Thrusters from Diesel to Electric or Hydraulic